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“I’ve been using the DENALI 6000 in a small set up — Wilson Sasha with Dan D’Agostino integrated. All I can say is I want every one of my customers to have one. STUNNING!!!”

– Maier Shadi, The Audio Salon, Santa Monica.


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The DENALI 6000/S provides all of the performance, technology and value of the DENALI 6000/T — but within a chassis made for standard shelf applications. Make no mistake, the DENALI 6000/S has proven itself to be state-of-the-art in terms of its unique design, parts customization and exceptional performance. However, its most dramatic asset is a price-point that literally has no competition. Products that cost two to three times that of the DENALI 6000/S just don’t measure up in terms of performance, build quality and most importantly in measurable noise-reduction.

Internally, the 6000/S features custom-manufactured solid-copper outlets, patent-pending QR/BB modules for high-current applications and exclusive CCI™ filters that reduce noise to an astounding – 60dB at 1 MHz. In an era where five-figure price-tags have become commonplace for power-conditioners, the DENALI 6000/S delivers state-of-the-art performance, patented technologies and exceptional value. All that combined with a Limited Lifetime Warranty is a testament to the DENALI’s superiority.

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