Totem is to give you the music, the whole music and nothing but the music. As people, we want to feel alive. We want to feel the beat and inherent rhythm of life.

Bookshelf Speakers

Signature One

Designed for our 30th Anniversary

It is an elevated, advanced monitor loudspeaker reflecting the progression of our engineering prowess and is primed to knock you out.


Limitless. Boundless. Timeless.

The SKY will make you fly to a whole new level of appreciation. A compact marvel for all types of source mediums, the SKY offers flexibility...


Music to the ears

The Rainmaker’s flexible surround applications give it the power to be the cornerstone of your musical and AV experience.

KIN Mini

Small and powerful

With more than a quarter century of innovative compact loudspeaker design, Totem has just culminated in the superb, flexible and totally revolutionary KIN Mini.

Floorstanding Speakers

Wind Design

A powerful presence

Since its inception, the Wind has been appreciated for its avant-garde design and superior sonic architecture.

Forest Signature

Designed to transcend time

The Forest Signature is at once a celebration and culmination of the Forest evolution.


Designed to transcend time

Enter the realm of beauty with the Totem Forest. Designed for power and articulate voicing, the Forest is at ease with all types of music.

Sky Tower

Extending the Sky family

The Sky Tower shares the same DNA that made Sky monitor such a success, like gigantic imaging, phase coherence, authoritative bass, and amplifier friendly compatibility.

Architectural Products

Tribe In Wall

A revolution is in the air

Tribe In Ceiling

A revolution is in the air

Tribe Side/Center In-Wall

Harmony and definition

KIN In-Wall

A total inner experience

KIN In-Ceiling

A total inner experience

KIN Side/Center In-Wall

A total inner experience

Mask TAW 6.5 II

Redefining the standards

Mask TAW 8 II

Redefining the standards

Mask TAC 6.5 II

Redefining the standards

Mask TAC 8 II

Redefining the standards

Center Speakers

Model-1 Signature Center

Listen and believe

The Totem Model-1 Signature Center channel is our top echelon center speaker.